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On-Site Training Packages and Options

Success Stories

“Trainings have been practical, helpful, and useful. They don’t do too much at one time, just enough so I can practice it when we’re finished.”

Lara Frey
Education Program Provider, Lutheran Social Services, South Dakota

LiteracyPro Systems offers basic training (one to two days) and follow-up training (one to two days) as well as customized training sessions. ‘Large groups’ consist of 15-24 people with a maximum class size of 24. ‘Small groups’ consist of 1-14 people with 14 people maximum.

Basic Training Sessions
Learn all of the essential concepts required to get started using LiteracyPro Systems software successfully. Practice entering data, walking students through their “life cycle” with your program, performing basic searches, and customizing lists and settings in the software to match your programs needs. Learn how to print several basic lists and reports.

The trainer will demonstrate best practices for integrating the software into your office process, data entry tips, and helpful hints.

Follow-Up Training Sessions
Learn how to unleash the full power of LiteracyPro Systems software. Generate reports that can be used in grant proposals and other funding requests. Perform searches that allow you to see how well your program is meeting the students’ needs.

Follow-up Training Sessions generally include a review of the basic training topics, and can be customized to focus on specific reports, searches, or other software features. Pre-training questionnaires sent to the intended trainees provide the trainer with a chance to customize training for the group by answering and targeting training interest areas.

Customized Training Sessions
We can customize training to focus on specific needs or topics. Please contact our training department for more details.

If you have any questions about any of our training packages or would like to host a training, please call (303) 440-6909 or email



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