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System Requirements

Success Stories

“The DC State Education Agency, Adult Education & Family Literacy and its grantee organizations are extremely pleased with the LACES web-based training, which provides staff an opportunity to engage in professional development workshops— at a distance. 

LACES web-based training expands the scope and impact of professional development by offering training for several levels of agency staff simultaneously at their program site via the web and telephone. We can ask questions specific to our programs and receive follow-up technical assistance and support as needed.”

Julia M. Johnson
Director of Professional Development
State Education Agency, Adult Education and Family Literacy, Washington, D.C.

We want to make sure that all LACES users have a good experience right from the very start. One way that we can help assure this is to make sure that everyone has available to them the right hardware, software and networking connectivity.

Below are recommended requirements for using LACES. Please use this information to ensure that your computer and internet access for each user meets these requirements.

Minimum requirements are described below.

Operating System

LACES version 1.0 currently requires Internet Explorer.

Minimum Hardware, Connectivity and Software Requirements
CPU: 1.0 GHz or greater
Memory (RAM): 512 MB or greater
Hard disk space: 250 MB free
Operating System: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP3
Internet connection: Broadband such as DSL, CABLE, or Wireless (see below); T1 or better
Browser: Internet Explorer 7.0 +
Minimum Bandwidth: The main factor in determining performance of the application is your available bandwidth, which is related to the actual (vs. rated) speed of your internet connection, measured at the desktop. This requirement is essential for ensuring the best possible performance.
Minimum download speed: 784 kbps
Minimum upload speed: 384 kbps
Additional Software: Adobe Acrobat Reader and/or Microsoft Excel/Excel Reader is needed for reporting purposes.



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