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“The DC State Education Agency, Adult Education & Family Literacy and its grantee organizations are extremely pleased with the LACES web-based training, which provides staff an opportunity to engage in professional development workshops— at a distance. 

LACES web-based training expands the scope and impact of professional development by offering training for several levels of agency staff simultaneously at their program site via the web and telephone. We can ask questions specific to our programs and receive follow-up technical assistance and support as needed.”

Julia M. Johnson
Director of Professional Development
State Education Agency, Adult Education and Family Literacy, Washington, D.C.

An ideal software solution addresses all stakeholder goals. LiteracyPro software

  • Provides accurate and consistent representation of program activities and outcomes
  • Supports day-to-day program management
  • Improves program efficiency, delivery of service
  • Enhances client services
  • Supports program evaluation
  • Supports statewide & national program evaluation
  • Meets legislative requirements for advancement of program goals
  • Meets reporting requirements, both current and future (during the expected lifetime of the system)

Stakeholders include

  • State superintendents of education
  • State directors of programs
  • Program directors
  • Instructors
  • Students or participants, viewing their own data as well as program data
  • Family members
  • Donors
  • Institutional program supporters within community
  • Community members
  • Program partners
  • Other public or private educational and/or social service providers
  • End-user data entry clerks
  • Program analysts

Successful implementation of a comprehensive information system depends on many factors. At the early stages of planning, the initial goal is to ensure that the system can generate the mandated reports, such as those documented in national or state standards and performance indicators. Since resources are usually limited, another important goal is to make sure data input and report generation can be done quickly and easily.

The initial cost of licensing is only a portion of the total cost of ownership you should consider. Other costs might include technical support and maintenance agreements, costs to purchase, upgrade, and maintain any needed hardware, the costs to train users, and the costs associated with the disruptions usually associated with the advent of new technology. Aside from these costs, there are costs that can be measured in time and goodwill.

Your investment with LiteracyPro will be the smartest investment you make toward establishing and maintaining a long and successful program.



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