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Success Stories

“The software is very user friendly and the support team is wonderful. Turnaround time for answers is short and the answers are clear. The engineers and programmers usually respond the same day and if we have a real emergency, they'll respond within minutes. They will even call to walk us through the directions.

I'm astounded by their ability to interpret the 'lay talk' we give them and bring it into focus as a program change. They have worked with us patiently for almost two years and they are still there when we call on them.  We are very lucky to have worked with these people as individuals and this company as a whole.”

Debbie Clayton
Regional Adult Education Technical Assistance Support Specialist
Dorchester School District, South Carolina

Building off the success of LiteracyPro Systems' national deployment of LACES for ABE and of FamilyPro software for Even Start providers, SES ANATOMI was specifically designed to manage the many complex, time-consuming SES operational tasks on a statewide basis. SES ANATOMI was designed with extensive input from SES Program Managers across the United States. 

  • SES ANATOMI tracks, manages and analyzes data for a wide variety of SES-related stakeholders, including:
    • State SES Coordinators
    • Local SES Providers
    • School Districts
    • Schools
    • Teachers
    • Students
    • Parents
  • SES ANATOMI measures student academic progress. Pre- and post-test tracking gives valuable insight into academic improvement.
    • Academic impact of SES can be measured across the state.
    • Federal and state reports are available 24/7.
    • SES providers, districts, and schools can all measure student achievement.
  • SES ANATOMI reduced time-intensive tasks.
    • Student data entered by the SES provider; financial data entered by Districts.
    • Updating, registering, billing and continuous improvement is done online - eliminating unnecessary calls and emails.
    • Repetitive communication is automated with a database email system.
  • SES ANATOMI manages billing and spending caps per student, invoicing, and attendance.
    • Appropriate stakeholders are notified when students get near spending caps and when potential attendance problems are detected.
  • SES ANATOMI offers a unique Continuous Improvement System (CIS) that automatically notifies the proper SES stakeholders when academic and/or non academic goals are not being met. The CIS continues to track and remind participants of outstanding issues until they are resolved.
  • Site audit and stakeholder satisfaction survey data are collected on-line.  SES ANATOMI reports facilitate opportunities to optimize services to students.
  • SES provider evaluation is robust and multidimensional. SES ANATOMI utilizes academic performance, feedback from stakeholders, and fiscal measures to generate objective evaluation reports.
  • SES ANATOMI allows reporting of improvement ideas or problem issues.  Notifications are sent and issues are tracked throughout the year.
  • Student data in SES ANATOMI is stored and managed at the highest possible security level.




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