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Success Stories

“Web Based – Awesome!! I can use it anywhere I have a high-speed Internet connection. I can access my database from my laptop and work with live data!! 

Being able to change views to include data specific to the task at hand is wonderful. With only limited technical skills, one can easily create queries to generate numerous reports. If your technical skills are more advanced, the options in reporting can be limitless.

LACES is programmed to NRS standards and determines the NRS level of a student based on assessment scores. This eliminates any possibility of human error. That means that the data is correct every time!

In my 20+ years in industry and education, I have NEVER met or worked with a more professional Administrative staff than LiteracyPro Inc.”

Debbie Hoover
Regional Adult Education Technical Assistance Specialist
Anderson Adult Education, South Carolina

Uniquely suited to the needs of literacy providers, LACES pulls together the many variables that impact your program’s effectiveness and support its financial footing.

Literacy, Adult and Community Education System (LACES) software is a completely new application designed for the particular needs of state-level and local providers of volunteer literacy programs, adult basic education programs, and correctional education.

LACES is interoperable with other systems and allows data to be imported or exported. Additionally, LACES is designed to utilize technological tools to significantly improve the speed of data entry, including telephone touch-key, voice recognition, bar coding, and scan forms. The task of data entry has long been another major issue for local agencies. LACES permits simultaneous data entry by multiple staff.

LACES includes validation of data entry that goes beyond simple range-changing, but reflects the encoding of institutional/organizational knowledge or business rules. Aside from common-sense rules like preventing double enrollment in classes, LACES is designed to provide users with feedback designed to ensure:

  • Proper student eligibility
  • Appropriate short- and long-term goals for participants
  • Tracking of participant activities spanning multiple activities
  • Appropriate assessments are given
  • Outcome reporting

LACES measures program performance outcomes, including:

  • Retention of participants in programs as measured by contact hours
  • Employment of participants
  • Reduction in public aid to participants
  • Increase in pre- to post-test score of participants
  • Attainment of GED
  • Discipline referrals
  • Partnerships with, referrals to other programs, certified service providers
  • Meeting local, state, federal educational standards
  • “Side” metrics: drop out, graduation rates



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