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LACES for State Level Administrators

Success Stories

“Web Based – Awesome!! I can use it anywhere I have a high-speed Internet connection. I can access my database from my laptop and work with live data!! 

Being able to change views to include data specific to the task at hand is wonderful. With only limited technical skills, one can easily create queries to generate numerous reports. If your technical skills are more advanced, the options in reporting can be limitless.

LACES is programmed to NRS standards and determines the NRS level of a student based on assessment scores. This eliminates any possibility of human error. That means that the data is correct every time!

In my 20+ years in industry and education, I have NEVER met or worked with a more professional Administrative staff than LiteracyPro Inc.”

Debbie Hoover
Regional Adult Education Technical Assistance Specialist
Anderson Adult Education, South Carolina

  • View all funded agencies at one time
  • Analyze data on a longitudinal basis – all raw data is available
  • Analyze program activity with current, up-to-the minute data
  • Reduces the need to make repeated requests for data
  • Reduces the time required for agencies to load their data on to the main server
  • Simplifies federal and state-specific report generations
  • Conduct queries by agency, group of agencies or all agencies
  • Quickly search for and identify participants on a statewide basis
  • Easily find data on the number of participants who met or did not meet federal or state-specific requirements
  • Learn why federal or state-specific requirements were not met
  • Review, in real time, data with a local provider



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