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LACES/Security Features

Success Stories

“The DC State Education Agency, Adult Education & Family Literacy and its grantee organizations are extremely pleased with the LACES web-based training, which provides staff an opportunity to engage in professional development workshops— at a distance. 

LACES web-based training expands the scope and impact of professional development by offering training for several levels of agency staff simultaneously at their program site via the web and telephone. We can ask questions specific to our programs and receive follow-up technical assistance and support as needed.”

Julia M. Johnson
Director of Professional Development
State Education Agency, Adult Education and Family Literacy, Washington, D.C.

Access Rights and Security Features

LACES employs a portal membership system for authentication and access control. Default and available screen elements, actions, and views depend on user role.

Any access to the information, as well as or changes to the database are logged, in order to enforce security and maintain an audit trail. 

Several features deter hacking and intrusion:

  • Locking user accounts after a number of failed logins controls intrusion
  • Data between browser and server are encrypted
  • LACES does not permit access to underlying tables except for specific views designed to enhance privacy.  Key fields in tables (e.g. SSN) are encrypted and unavailable for export or display without proper authorization.
  • System access is logged
  • Sessions left idle for predetermined periods of time are logged out automatically




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