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Success Stories

“The software is very user friendly and the support team is wonderful. Turnaround time for answers is short and the answers are clear. The engineers and programmers usually respond the same day and if we have a real emergency, they'll respond within minutes. They will even call to walk us through the directions.

I'm astounded by their ability to interpret the 'lay talk' we give them and bring it into focus as a program change. They have worked with us patiently for almost two years and they are still there when we call on them.  We are very lucky to have worked with these people as individuals and this company as a whole.”

Debbie Clayton
Regional Adult Education Technical Assistance Support Specialist
Dorchester School District, South Carolina


We believe any software is only as good as its accompanying service and support.  We stand behind our products and will work with you until any issue you have is resolved.

90-Day Guarantee
We believe strongly in our software. LiteracyPro offers an ironclad, money-back guarantee. If, at any time during the first 90 days of implementing our software, you are not fully satisfied with its performance and/or the quality of the technical support you receive for this product, you are invited to return it to us for a full refund.  No strings, no conditions, and no gimmicks.

How do our customers feel about our software?  Since the inception of our company in 1995, our customer acceptance rate stands at 99.4 percent.  That is the percent of customers who implemented our software solution and decided to keep using it.

Providing exceptional customer service is a value that is revered and held in high regard by everyone here at LiteracyPro Systems. Our corporate culture is built on meeting customer needs in a timely, effective, and professional manner. Measurable, concrete standards of customer care are clearly articulated. Our customers know what to expect from us, and they hold us accountable in meeting those expectations.



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