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“Working with David and his staff has always been a pleasurable experience for me. The team at Literacy Pro Systems is dedicated to delivering a product that meets the needs of the school, specifically NRS reporting.

When the company began offering the LACES system, the program's value increased considerably. The ability we now have, especially in generating reports of various types is great! I especially like the way we can now save information as PDF or Excel files.

One of the outstanding features of this company is their desire to hear from users how well there software is meeting the needs of the school. They have always listened and have taken steps to correct the particular situation.”

David. E. Stem
Waipahu Community School for Adults,


LACES (Literacy, Adult and Community Education System) is the new generation of software products from LiteracyPro Systems, Inc. LACES tracks students, classes, staff, community contacts, donors and instructional materials associated with Adult Basic Education, Literacy, GED and ESL programs.

LACES incorporates twelve years of feedback from users of LiteracyPro Systems' software. Building off this success over the past twelve years, LACES continues to track all federally-mandated performance and outcome indicators required by the Workforce Investment Act and the Adult Education Act, including educational gain, goal achievement, demographic statistics and enrollment activity.

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