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Success Stories

“The DC State Education Agency, Adult Education & Family Literacy and its grantee organizations are extremely pleased with the LACES web-based training, which provides staff an opportunity to engage in professional development workshops— at a distance. 

LACES web-based training expands the scope and impact of professional development by offering training for several levels of agency staff simultaneously at their program site via the web and telephone. We can ask questions specific to our programs and receive follow-up technical assistance and support as needed.”

Julia M. Johnson
Director of Professional Development
State Education Agency, Adult Education and Family Literacy, Washington, D.C.


With demands for accountability increasing, and its importance in the funding formula becoming more critical, you can trust LiteracyPro Systems to keep your program on track. Our software provides you with a versatile management tool that will help you comply with mandates while improving your program’s overall impact and efficiency.

  • Handle a variety of program variables
    • multiple programs serving multiple populations
    • multiple funding sources with individual report requirements
    • variances in data definition
    • differences in assessment tools
    • differences in tracking measures
  • Make sense from large amounts of accumulated data
    • demographic/psychographic
    • social/economic
    • progress/outcomes
    • trend analysis for forecasting and planning
  • Track multiple programs at the same time
    • include tests such as TABE, CASAS, ABLE, GED and BEST
    • pair students and tutors based on language, location
    • Assign instruction, preparation, and travel hours for an entire group. Record workshop attendance, pair activity and class completion.
  • Track all performance indicators
    • reading level
    • job attainment
    • mastery of goals
  • Track entire cycle of student participation from intake to departure

  • Record unlimited amounts of subjective information
    • instructor comments
    • individual learner goals
  • Gain improved control over data
  • Relieve staff from database development, data aggregation, report generation, and training tasks
  • Maintain learner portfolios with the same system used to generate government and foundation reports
  • Send newsletters or mailings to past or current constituents: students, tutors, staff, volunteers, board members, referral sources, donors, or contacts without creating duplicate pieces of mail.
  • At LiteracyPro Systems, our focus is to enable users to become more effective through easy to use but powerful information management tools, through education, training, and unparalleled ongoing support.  
  • Assign instruction, preparation, and travel hours for an entire group. Record workshop attendance, pair activity, and class completion.



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